Welcome to When's That!

When's That is a beautiful countdown timer app to keep track of the important events in your life.

· Want to know how long it is until you jet off to New York for that amazing weekend?
· How about when you're supposed to be Best Man at your best friend's wedding?
· Need to know a day or two before your college essay is due?
· And, your wedding anniversary... (better not forget that one!)

When's That will track these events, and notify you on your iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch when they happen, or before they happen!

When's That features:
· Countdown timer in years, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds.
· Timer counts up once an event has happened, so you can also track past events.
· Current weather for each event's location, including: high & low temperature, cloud cover, air pressure, humidity, wind speed & direction...
· A background image for each event - choose a good one to make it beautiful!
· Set a 'cover' event and open the app to see that event take up the full screen - it really does look gorgeous.
· Choose a different font for each event's information.
· A Universal app - works on your iPhone and iPad.
· Works on the Watch. See all your events, and view and change the cover event.
· Local notifications on your iPhone, iPad and Watch when an event happens, or at a specified period before the event.
· Add notes to each event so you can remember the important details.
· New Widgets that you can add to your Home Screen for iOS 14+!
· A Today widget in the iOS 13 Notification Centre, showing your cover event.
· Events can be added to Spotlight Search, so you can jump straight into an event from the search screen on your Home Screen.
· You can add a new event or view the cover event by pressing and holding down on the app icon.
· Events can be added to the Calendar app.
· Contextual menus in the event list allow you to perform common tasks quickly.
· Compatible with iOS 13+ and watchOS 4+.

· You can now add your When's That events to your calendar! There's a new switch at the bottom of the new/edit event screen:
  ·· Adding a new calendar entry: Turn on the "Add Calendar Entry" switch when creating a new event, and you're asked to confirm the details before saving the new entry in your calendar.
  ·· Editing: Update the event and turn on the switch. As long as you haven't deleted the calendar entry since adding the event, it'll be updated with your changes.
  ·· Deleting: Edit the event and turn on the switch, then press the "Delete Event" button. You'll be asked to confirm before the event is deleted in both the app and your calendar.
  ·· You can delete an event in the app without deleting its corresponding calendar entry; just don't turn on the switch before you delete the event.

Notes on calendar entries:
· It's important to note that if you cancel the calendar entry screen, your new app event is still created or updated, but the calendar entry is not.
· If there are no changes in the event when you've turned on the switch, the calendar entry won't be changed.
· If you delete an event from the list in the main screen, this will also delete the calendar entry. The popup will inform you of this.
  ·· If you want to keep your calendar entry, edit the event first, leave the switch turned off, and delete it from there.
· If you edit your calendar entry in the Calendar app, and alter its notes, the event in the app doesn't know about those updates, so you'll be asked if you want to replace your app's notes with those from the calendar entry. This is to stop you losing important information.
  ·· If you later clear the notes in the event, and update the calendar entry at the same time, the calendar entry's notes will be removed, too.
  ·· If you clear the notes from the calendar entry, then edit the event and turn on the switch, regardless of what is in the event's notes, they will be saved to the calendar entry (including empty notes).
· Calendar entries have a unique id stored in the URL field. This is how the app knows which calendar event is which. You're free to delete that url, but that'll break the link between the app event and the calendar entry.
· If you use When's That on multiple devices and share a calendar, entries added to the calendar show on the other devices, so if you have the same event name on both devices When's That will find that one entry. It's unlikely you will have two events with the same name on the same day and at the same time, but created on two different devices, so this should be fine.

I know it's a lot to take in, but I don't want you losing important information.

· Long-pressing on an event in your list of events and choosing "Show Details" presents a much nicer view than before, and it will stay on-screen until you dismiss it. Before, it was a simple heads up display that disappeared after a few seconds.

· Re-jigged the medium widget. The time was sometimes displayed underneath the weather, so this stops that from happening.
· The red alert date banner in the edit event screen wasn't hidden if you changed the alert to something in the past, then back to "At time of event".
· When creating/editing an event and after picking an image, the 'alert before' pickers would sometimes be empty, and the image would sometimes be lost. Someone was emptying an array too early... Someone.
· Searching for events with a specific category didn't work.

How do I use it?

Create a new event

Tapping the + button displays a form for you to enter your event's name, location, date and time, and some notes.

You can pick the category, and add an image to the event. Be sure to pick a beautiful image - it will look so much nicer!


Your events and your cover event

The list view shows all your events, and a preview of your cover event showing the countdown timer, and weather if you've enabled it.


Changing events

Tap an event to edit it. Swipe an event to the right to see a blue button to refresh the weather (if enabled), and a green one to set that event as the cover event. Swipe an event to the left to reveal the standard, red Delete button.


Opening & closing the cover event

When in list view, tapping the arrow at the top of the cover event displays it fullscreen. Tap the arrow here to close it. The app will open in whatever state you leave it.


On your iPhone and Apple Watch!

If you've got an Apple Watch, the app will show a number of events from the list (configurable in Settings), and a glance will show your cover event. Any changes you make on your iPhone will be sent to your Apple Watch without you having to do a thing!

Notifications will tell you when an event happens, on both your iPhone and Apple Watch - and they look stunning on the Apple Watch!