Need some help? You're in safe hands.

We've put together the answers to a few questions people have asked. Hopefully, you'll find the answer to your own question here. If not, please don't hesitate to send us an email here.

Q: What's a 'cover event'?
A: It's the event you choose to be the most important. The cover event is displayed above the full list of events, and is shown full-screen when you tap the little arrow button in the centre at the top of the table (just below the search bar). The cover event might be the next upcoming event, or it might be one in the past that you want to see how many days since it happened. The cover event is also displayed in the When's That glance on the Apple Watch.

Q: How do I make an event into a cover event?
A: Easy. In the list of events, the current cover event has a green vertical line on the left. To make a different event in to the cover event, just swipe that row to the right. You should see a white check mark on a green background. Just tap that, and the cover event is set.

Q: How do I sort the list of events?
A: Just tap on the segmented control thingy in the top left of the screen. If you tap the clock icon, it will sort by date. Tap the "ABC" icon to sort by event name. Tap the location arrow to sort by location (alphabetically, not by distance). Tap the icon again to reverse the sort order.

Q: What's the deal with the weather? Why doesn't it know my location?
A: The weather system we use is from Open Weather Map. We're beholden to their system for recognising locations, and they are generally very good. If you find you can't get weather for the location you're typing into When's That, you can visit OWM's website here. It might be that you're not entering a recognised location. You might need to add the country, for example" London, UK": rather than just "London". From their website:
· Put the city's name or its part and get the list of the most proper cities in the world. Example - Lon or Lond or London. The more precise city name you put the more precise list you will get.
·To make it more precise put the city's name or its part, comma, the name of the county or 2-letter country code. You will get all proper cities in chosen county. The order is important - the first is city name then comma then county. Example - Lon, UK or Lon, GB or London, GB or Lon, England.

Q: How do I refresh the weather?
A: We don't want to overload OWM's weather servers, so we only ask them for new data if the data you currently have in your app is more than 4 hours old. You can manually refresh the weather by swiping the event to the right, and tapping the blue button.

Q: How do I delete an event?
A: Simple. Swipe the event to the left, and tap the big X. You'll be asked if you're sure you want to delete it.

Q: What's that new "Alert" option when I'm creating/editing an event?
A: Some users asked us for the ability to receive the alert for their event before the event actually happens. For example, you're flying to New York at 10:00am. Do you want to be alerted at 10:00am when you're already on the plane? It might make more sense to alert you a couple of hours beforehand, or maybe 45 minutes before the gate closes, so you don't miss your flight! (If you set an alert to occur in the past, you won't be alerted. This makes sense given that I haven't yet invented feasible time travel.)

Q: OMG, fonts?!
A: Yes. Fonts. You can now pick a font for the event name from the myriad selection that comes with your iOS device. Keep it classy! (I don't think Comic Sans is included in iOS, thankfully.)

Q: What's that little green "23d" bit in the events list?
A: Ah, a new feature. It's a quick day counter. It simply tells you how many days until your event happens (green), or since it happened (red).

Q: I've noticed a small cog-like icon in the title bar. What's that?
A: It's another new feature! We are the gift-givers that keep on giving! This is the Settings icon. Tap it to see the Settings screen. From here, you can enable Touch ID, choose whether to display temperatures in ºC or ºF, rate our app (you should definitely do this!), and share a quick link to the app with your friends. You can get to this page, too. Oh, and there's a Twitter link to @WhensThatApp and a Facebook link, too.

Q: How about Touch ID?
A: Easy.You can enable Touch ID in the Settings screen, if supported on your device. Tap the switch by "Use Touch ID", confirm your identity by using the Touch ID sensor, and you're all set. When's That has no access to your fingerprint, we just ask iOS to confirm that your fingerprint matches the one stored in the secure enclave on your device. No apps have access to this data. Apple's website has information about this, but please rest assured that we never see your finerprint, and we actually don't want to see them!

Q: Why can't I enable Touch ID?
A: There are a few reasons for this: your device doesn't support it; your device does support it but you haven't set it up yet; and, your device is controlled by a policy that denies access to the Touch ID sensor (some companies do this). We can't get around this. Either buy a device that has Touch ID, enroll in Touch ID on your existing device, or pester your IT department to put down the game controller and realise it's the 21st century now.

Q: I have an Apple Watch.
A: Woop!!!

Q: What can I do in When's That on my Apple Watch?
A: You can enable the glance, and see your current cover event. You can also load the When's That Watch app and see a gorgeous list of your events. In that view, events with a green tab on the left are upcoming, red are in the past. A grey row is a normal event, and a yellow one is the current cover event.

Tap any row to see that event. The image you've set for that event will be displayed with the event details over the top. It looks supremely lovely! You can scroll up and down to see all the details. You can also delete the event or make it into the cover event by performing a 'Force Touch' motion. Just push hard onto the screen, and tap the "Delete" or "Make Cover" buttons. Any changes you make in the Watch will be reflected in the app on your iPhone, and vice versa. Spend a few minutes changing the cover event on your iPhone and Watch, and marvel in the magic of Bluetooth connectivity...

If you view an event on the Watch, and then swipe from the left of the screen to the right, the event will fade into the background as the table comes into view. Sweet. Nice touch, Apple!

If you have any questions at all, please get in touch!